Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to winter after some freakish rain and well above freezing temps that stuck me in a crappy mood until things turned around on Thursday. Fresh snow, some sunshine and some training for the Sleeping Giant Loppet this weekend made up for mother natures nonsense last week. My folks came out from the prairies and Erv, Sue and Stella (the elder boykin) from MN and we mostly skied it up and had an all 'round festive weekend with the only bummer being Nances heel blisters (anyone know of nordic boots for a gal with AA (narrow) heels). And since today was a holiday aka 'Family Day', it made the weekend all that much better. A'ight...some shots.


View of Sleepy G. on Sunday morning

Ole timers crushing another climb and smiling about it.

Licheny white pine

The ever attentive and never rambunctious Lutsen...ha. as if.


photo's by e


Cranky_the_Crane said...

That first shot is wonder you're obsessed with skiing...winter wonderland

Malcolm Johnson said...

love the old timers!