Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shaked and ready to bake in the sun. Roof is on and sheds water like a charm. Solid rain Saturday night, and the shed held up, tight like a drum...well, a drum without a door or windows yet. Otherwise, pretty dam tight. Windows and door to follow, at which point it'll be a quaint little out building.

Little Brown Dog ran hard this weekend and took advantage of the warm temps Saturday afternoon. Solid fella.

Calling for a frosting out there big surprise in these parts at this time of year. Nance bustled around the garden this weekend, hacking and chopping and cleaning up the garden before we head off for Sverige. We've been snacking on tomatoes, but as you can see here, there are a bundle that are still green and will have to do their ripening in a box. Now excepting ideas for green tomato recipes.

Anyways, being the first weekend at home in something like four weeks, it was nice to actually get something done around here. No lying though, the rivers did beckon and there may have actually been a bit of a small swell this evening after all. At rate, plenty of time for chrome and glide this fall.
Hope everyone has a great week.


photos By: Eric Berglund

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