Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let the bombardment begin. Picked up Lutsen our new 8 week old male Boykin Spaniel from the airport down in Minneapolis on saturday night. The little dude made his way from Arkansas and was full of energy straight out of his kennel. Bold and curious for a pup his size. Back in the Bay and he is settling in and wreaking all the havoc....of the puppy kind.

Mini hiatus on the steelhead front, but only because we went all urban this past weekend and weren't going to get on the rivers being down in the Twin Cities and all. Plenty of days on the water on tap for the next little while...that is; between keeping and eye on this little guy. Retrieving tennis balls like its going out of style. 

photo's by: Eric Berglund

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aaron said...

Love the shots of your Boykin. We just got ours a week and a half ago from a breeder in Cullman,Al. She sleeps about 18 hrs a day, but the other 6 she is bursting with energy.