Friday, February 22, 2008

Feeling pretty bloggy here. Wednesday's lunar eclipse was something else. A perfect cold clear winter night for checking out celestial happenings. We made are way down to Hillcrest Park along with the telescopers and fire dancers. Fun times. The photo of the moon below sure doesn't do it a wink of justice. Hope you got out to check it for your self. Had a look through some high power scopes to get a real idea of what was going on..very cool.

And then yesterday, we finally scored some half decent surf and on my birthday no less. yeah! The high pressure cell that had been holding this cold arctic air over us finally moved to the southeast a bit and brought some 30knot winds from the southwest. Winston and i cruised out for an late afternoon session. Air temp: -8C (16F); water temp (36F); wind chill: -15C to -20C. Pretty rough conditions with head highish set waves and a few open faces; with a super short period. Due to the ridiculous current, we'd catch a wave, ride to shore, clamber over the ice and make our way back up the shoreline to the put in. Did that for 2.5 hours and called er quits at 7pm, thoroughly iced in to our wetters. Couldn't get our suits off without a hammer and chisel, so we just drove home, hoods up and all. fun times.

Ice starting to build

Gave the new Patagonia R4 booties a whirl yesterday and was pleasantly stoked to have warm feet from beginning to end. They definitely have a flexy stretchy feeling to them, but that may have been in part, due to the fact that i probably need the size 9 and not the size 10's. All an all a good first trial.

Blurry wave- 2008/21/02

photo's by Eric Berglund


ras said...

Man I thought we got it cold. I've never seen so much ice on a suit before. Although I imagine fresh water makes a difference no? Happy birthday too.

Hey where'd do you get the Patagonia boots. I've been using xcel 7mm ones and they only last a few months before yer feet start freezin.

Eric said...

Ras..that ice is only from the first hour, it was almost stupid by the time we finished. I ordered the Patagonia booties online. I have been using the 7mm xcels as well, but they are definitely the weak link for me when it comes to staying warm. Even with neoprene liner socks. Maybe if i got a new pair i would notice a difference. The R4's are pretty sweet though. peace
btw, nice shots of the lineup!