Sunday, December 9, 2007

No surf this weekend, but blue bird sky and cold. Perfect for getting out to ski.
Kick glide kick glide, double pole,
breath.. cold air fills your lungs
Deer runs across in front...
Frosty, fun.
Feels good.

Fresh bread.


bowlcarver said...

Fun and fresh -- keep the postings coming. Sparkling snows and waters under sun and moon make for the good life in TB.

pranaglider said...

everytime I scroll thru this page I come to a full stop to look at the bread! Great shot, bake it yourself?

eric said...

combo effort between my wife and i, on the rye bread. that picture does have some soothing characteristics about it.

Beetlejuice said...

GIMME THAT BREAD! (with butter)aaahhhhhhh